Professional iProtect 1217 Wireless Signal Detector

Professional iProtect 1217 Wireless Signal Detector

Protect 1216i Wireless Spy Camera Scanner Hidden Bugs Finder

Protect 1216i Wireless Spy Camera Scanner Hidden Bugs Finder

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Protect 1205M Spy Phone Finder Hidden Bugs Detector

Professional iProtect 1217 Wireless Signal Detector

iProtect 1217 is your reliable assistant in ensuring your privacy and confidentiality. In a world where the proliferation of hidden surveillance devices using mobile networks is becoming increasingly important, iProtect 1217 is an indispensable tool.

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iProtect1217 Multi-factional Camera detector

The newest iProtect bug detector is here. The iProtect 1217 model detects all kinds of wireless spy devices and electronic cameras hidden inside any surface. It detects a transmission from WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, 3G GSM, 5G and many more with at least 26 detection bands. This version is more powerful because it detects mobile and wireless signals at a much greater distance than conventional RF detection, at least ten times more.

Using the alarm function that warns using visual and auditory alerts, you can see when you are about to exceed the threshold. Set the optimal sensitivity using up to 43 threshold levels.

Protect your privacy and maintain the sanctity of your personal space with the iProtect 1217, a state-of-the-art counter-surveillance device designed to shield you from the prying eyes and ears of covert surveillance. With its advanced technology and versatile functionality, the iProtect 1217 offers comprehensive protection against spy cameras, listening devices, and hidden voice recorders, ensuring your confidential conversations and private moments remain personal.

Cutting-Edge Detection Technology: Equipped with the latest counter surveillance technology, the iProtect 1217 boasts unparalleled detection capabilities. Its advanced dual-band antenna extends its reach, allowing for broader coverage and higher accuracy. Whether it's hidden cameras discreetly placed within everyday objects or elusive listening devices transmitting sensitive information, this device's cutting-edge technology ensures that no unauthorized surveillance goes unnoticed.

Four Distinct Operation Modes for Comprehensive Coverage:


  1. All Bands Detection Mode: With the iProtect 1217, you can engage the power of its All Bands Detection Mode, which casts a wide net to identify signals across the entire spectrum of frequencies. This mode ensures that no surveillance device, whether a hidden camera, a listening device, or a GPS tracker, escapes your attention. Rest easy knowing that your privacy remains intact under the watchful gaze of the iProtect 1217's vigilant sensors.
  2. Group of Selected Bands Mode: Sometimes, precision is vital. In this mode, the iProtect 1217 lets you focus its detection prowess on a specific group of frequency bands. By narrowing the search to these selected ranges, you can pinpoint and eliminate potential threats with enhanced accuracy. Whether you're concerned about particular frequency ranges often associated with covert devices or aiming to minimize false positives, this mode grants you fine-tuned control over your surveillance sweep.
  3. Detection of a Separate Band Mode: The iProtect 1217 grants you the flexibility to delve into the individual frequencies with its Detection of a Separate Band Mode. This targeted approach allows you to investigate and address signals within a single frequency band at a time. Whether you suspect the presence of a specific device or simply want to scan a particular range, this mode enables meticulous scrutiny for optimal peace of mind.
  4. Detection of GPS Trackers Mode: Modern surveillance threats extend beyond cameras and microphones – GPS trackers have become increasingly problematic. The iProtect 1217's specialized Detection of GPS Trackers Mode homes in on signals associated with GPS tracking devices. With the rise in location-based privacy breaches, this mode ensures you're well-armed to identify and nullify unauthorized tracking attempts, bolstering your security in an ever-connected world.


Each of the iProtect 1217's operation modes is a specialized tool in your counter-surveillance arsenal. Whether you require comprehensive coverage, precision targeting, or a focus on specific threats, the iProtect 1217 offers versatility to suit your needs. With these modes at your fingertips, you can confidently take control of your surroundings, shielding your personal space from intrusion and enjoying the reassurance of a vigilant protecto

Comprehensive Protection for Any Space: The iProtect 1217 is particularly adept at safeguarding larger areas, making it an ideal solution for homes, offices, hotel rooms, and other spaces where your privacy is paramount. Its ability to switch between various operation modes allows you to tailor its usage to suit different scenarios, ensuring that your personal space remains genuinely unique.


User-Friendly Interface: While equipped with advanced technology, the iProtect 1217 remains user-friendly, allowing individuals of all technical backgrounds to operate it efficiently. Its intuitive controls and clear display make it accessible for everyone, ensuring you can control your privacy without unnecessary complications.


With the iProtect 1217, you gain more than just a counter surveillance device – you gain peace of mind. Protect your conversations, sensitive information, and cherished moments from covert surveillance's prying eyes and ears. Whether you're concerned about hidden cameras, listening devices, or voice recorders, the iProtect 1217 is your steadfast defence, offering a shield against unauthorized intrusion. Embrace a new level of privacy and security today with the iProtect 1217 and take control of your personal space like never before.

Dual Band Antennas

You will not miss a signal with maximum sensitivity dual antennas, including a high and low band antenna.


  • Used by High-Profile Security Companies and Government Agencies
  • All Types of Wireless Signal Bugs / Spy Camera / Listening Devices Detection
  • Wireless Electronic Devices
  • Mobile Phone and SIM-Card Detection
  • GPS Tracker Finder
  • Home Furniture, Accessories, Objects, Walls, Ceiling, Ground
  • Hotel Rooms, Office Security, Confidential Meetings



  • Detects Mobile and Wireless Signals at Far Distance
  • Selective interference Resistance with High Sensitivity
  • Worldwide Mobile Coverage - Detects Bands of GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G
  • Detects All types of Wireless Signals, including WI-FI 2.4GHZ, Bluetooth, WI-FI 5GHZ
  • Detection of 26 Mobile and Wireless Bands
  • Adjustable Frequency Allocation of the Country
  • Selective Multi-Band Principle - Tells you which Signals are Found
  • Find the physical location of the Transmitter
  • Separate Mode for Detecting GPS Trackers with History Accumulation
  • Alarm Function - Sound and Visual Warning about Exceeding the threshold
  • 43 Threshold Levels - Optimal Sensitivity Setting
  • 4 Operation Modes: All Bands, Group, Band,  Tracker
  • Two Antenna Inputs - Maximum Sensitivity
  • High-Band Directional Antenna - Locating Transmitters above 2400MHz
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery - 5 Hours
  • USB Type-C Recharging



  • Number of Bands: 26
  • Antenna Inputs: Input 1: SMA, 2400 - 6000MHz |  Input 2: SMA, 600 - 2400MHz
  • Average Sensitivity: -60dBm
  • Operation Modes: All Bands (Detection on all Bands), Group (Detection on the Selected Group of Bands), Band (Analysis of a Separate Band), Tracker (Detection of GPS Trackers)
  • Alarm Function: Visual or Audio
  • Number of Alarm Threshold Levels: 43
  • Sound Signals: Alarm, Depression of Button
  • Power Supply Source: USB 5V
  • Power: Built-in Rechargeable Battery 6800mAH 3.7V
  • Battery Operational Resource: Up to 5 Hours
  • Weight: 750g (Without Antenna), 1500g (Packed)
  • Dimensions 208x86x41mm
  • Operating Temperature Range -5°C - 50°C



  • 1 x iProtect 1217 Device
  • 1 x High-Band Antenna Micro-Pointer
  • 1 x Low-Band Rod Antenna
  • 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Transportation Case


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Number of bands: 26

Antenna inputs:

Input 1: SMA, 2400 – 6000 MHz

Input 2: SMA, 600 – 2400 MHz

Operation modes:

  • ALL BANDS (detection on all bands)
  • GROUP (detection on the selected group of bands)
  • BAND (analysis of a separate band)
  • TRACKER (detection of GPS trackers)

Alarm function: Visual or audio

Number of alarm threshold levels: 43

Sound signals: Alarm, depression of buttons


  • US (bands of the USA)
  • EU (European bands)
  • TOTAL (all bands)

Operating and control elements:

  • Joystick: move left-right, up-down, threshold adjustment, mode selection
  • Button POWER OFF: switch off
  • Button POWER ON: switch on
  • Button ALARM: alarm
  • Button AUDIO: sound
  • Button BANDS: band set up
  • Button BACK: exit to the previous mode
  • Button SAVE (storing the current state)

Power supply source: USB 5V

Power: Built-in rechargeable battery 6800 mA*h 3.7 V

Battery operational resource: Up to 5 hours


  • The device without antenna: 750 g
  •  Packed: 1500 g


  •  The device without antenna: 208 x 86 x 41mm
  •  Packed: 27 x 22 x 10 cm

Operating temperature range: -5…50 °C


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