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Spy Cameras | Mini Spy Cams

Spy Cameras  (spy cams) are widely used for covert surveillance and for general security instead of regular CCTV cameras. Some people use them for keeping an eye out in the office for theft. They are also used for home security where people rent and cannot install cameras. Another popular use is recording altercations. They are generally easy to use and quick to set up making them a great solution for fast deployment in most situations.

If you have a situation where you feel someone is entering your room without permission. Why not place a covert camera in there and the next time they enter. You get notified, and you can log in at any time and see what is happening as it happens.

It is also quite common to see uni students use wearable cameras to record lectures and other important information at school. So they can review at home and complete the assignments accurately.

Ease of Use

All of our Mini Spy Cameras are relatively easy to use. All of our WIFI units support remote view. Each model comes with a manual, and the manual should be on the product page to download, or click help on the top of this screen to visit our support site.

Spy Cams Resolution

Spy Camera resolution is normally either 1080p (2MP) or 4K (8MP) and with either resolution you will be surprised just how clear the footage is. Simply plug the Spy Camera into your computer via the included USB and transfer the video files to your computer for easy playback. If you have trouble playing back the recording try downloading VLC Player and use that. If the unit has WIFI then you can normally log in via the app to view and playback.

Motion Detection

Most Spy Cameras have several recording modes, one of which is Motion Detection. Setting this up will allow the unit to only record when things are moving. While this is not great when the unit is being moved around, but when the device is sitting on a bench recording the room, motion detection will save you storage.


Spy Cams normally either take an SD card, or they have internal memory. Each product that takes an SD card has it’s own SD maximum size limit so it’s important to check that. Another important thing to know it that most Spy Cameras need a Class10 SD card formatted to FAT32. Larger cards come formatted to other formats, so you will need to change it to FAT32 if you have any issues with the card. Some units will allow you to format it inside the device, and some will require you to do it on a PC.

Night Vision

While many Spy Cams have night vision, it important to remember that night vision from a Spy Camera compared to a CCTV camera, or even a doorbell could possibly be a little disappointing. Generally the night vision from a Spy Camera goes between 1-6 meters depending on the product. It is also often a little dull due to the pinhole lens not letting enough light in. The issue is also amplified by the fact that the IR is hidden behind a plate and does not illuminate efficiently. Night Vision also makes Spy Cams a lot easier to detect so there is a bit to consider.

Web Camera

When you are not using the Spy Camera for surveillance, often you can plug it into your PC and use it as a web camera as well. Whilst not all models support this, many do, particularly those that can be operated while plugged in

Remote View

If you are looking for a product that has remote view, look for Spy Cameras that have built in WIFI. That way you can connect the required app to view from anywhere in the world. Please note all Spy Cameras with WIFI require a 2.4Ghz WIFI connection. 2.4Ghz is the most common, so if you have difficulties connecting, please check your WIFI is 2.4. Spy Cameras normally cannot connect to 5Ghz WIFI.

Push Notifications

Some Spy Cams support push notifications. Push notifications are when the Spy Camera detects movement it will notify you via the app. It is important to note that some phones and Telcos don’t handle push notifications well. This means push notifications are not always 100% reliable, but are still useful.


Virtually all Spy Cams have a built in mic, so as you record video, you also record the audio with it. It is important to remember that most Spy Cameras with audio don’t perform as well as a Voice Recorder. So if super clear audio is needed, we recommend a voice recorder to go with it.

Two-Way Talk

Some Spy Cams have two-way talk built in. This means you can not only listen remotely, but talk back. It is worth noting that most Spy Cameras with two-way talk are limited by the size of the unit and internal speaker. Spy Cameras  are primarily cameras, and most other add on features can be limited in performance.

Wide Angle Lens

Most Spy Cameras have a lens width of between 60 degrees and 110 degrees. When selecting a product, keep in mid that once you reach around 90 degrees, your image will show a little curvature, which is quite normal. Some curvature in the image is not normally a big issue, but keep in mind if the Spy Cams has a lens over about 95 degrees you may see this.

Power Requirements

The majority of Spy Cams use USB 5v to power it. This means you can use standard phone chargers, your PC or even a USB Power Bank. You can also use a USB Power bank to run them for extended periods where you don’t have power. Please note that phone fast chargers are 9v so these can damage standard USB devices. Most units can also run permanently powered so it’s worth checking that in the specs.


Our standard warranty for Spy Cameras is 12 months back to base from date of purchase. Please check the information tab to see what the exact warranty period is for specific devices.

WIFI or Not

Most spy cameras that are listed as wifi will have motion detection with push, remote view, and sound and video recording. If you are looking for a camera without remote (WIFI) and is undetectable with normal bug detection equipment, select a non wifi camera.

If you need help, try our Spy Camera Buyers Guide.



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