GPS Tacker Set up

How to setup GPS Trackers


When you receive your GPS tracker you will need to follow some basic steps to ensure your GPS trackers work correctly from day one.


Firstly you will need a SIM card, the SIM plan needs to support phone calls, text messages and data. The data usage for a tracker is about 30mb per month, so a small plan is fine.


Next you will need to ensure there is no message bank, PIN or other service that will interfere with the tracker. The GPS tracker needs to be able to be able to answer all calls and receive all messages without interference.


To test your SIM, place it in a phone and call that number. The phone should ring out without any form of message bank.


GPS Platform


The website to check your tracker and playback your tracking history is To access your account use the last 7 digits of your tracker for the username and the password. See example below.


Serial number example: CC2014012345678
Username example: 2345678
Password example: 2345678


GPS Passwords


You will also be able to text your unit a heap of control codes, but each will need your tracker password. Depending if you have a 3G or 4G tracker, these will be as follows.


3G: 123456

4G: 12345678


In the following examples, use 123456 if you have a 3G tracker, and 12345678 if you have a 4G tracker. There is no need to worry if you don’t know, just try 123456 first and then 12345678 if it reports back as a wrong password.

SMS Control Codes


These are control codes for your tracker, remember to change the 12345678 to 123456 if it reports incorrect password.


Installing SIM card


To install SIM card: Pull out the long narrow rubber strip on the side of the tracker, you can see the SIM card socket, beside which, press the yellow button with a tool or pen and the holder will come out. Pull it out and put the SIM card in the holder and then push the holder into the tracker and push the long narrow rubber stopple into the tracker to cover the SIM card socket. Note: Before installing or uninstalling the SIM card, please power off the tracker.


If your tracker just has a SIM slot, slide it in gently ensuring the contacts face the correct way.


Logging into website & app


Visit & login to the tracking platform, to display current location, playback history tracking
etc., platform user name and password is the last 7 digital numbers of the tracker’s ID (the ID
is printed on the sticker, for example ID is : 800201512345678, and then the user name is : 2345678, password
is :2345678).


To use the app, use the same access codes.


Get location via text


To receive location via text, call the tracker SIM card number, after ring 3 times, the tracker will hang up the call automatically and send you the location details a few seconds later. You can also text the tracker to receive current location by texting “URL*12345678”


By either method, you will receive the location via a text Google map link. This feature may not respond if the tracker is asleep. In the case it is asleep, the tracker will respond when it moves next.




Checking the settings


To check tracker for issues and to see settings, send SMS “CHECK*12345678” to the tracker number, “CHECK” is command; “12345678” is the password. The tracker will send back information including software version, ID S/N number, IP address, authorised phone number, GPS and GSM signal etc, normally this command is used to test the tracker.


To see current password, send SMS “CHECKPASSWORD#” to the tracker number, if the operation is a success, the tracker will send back the information “Password:12345678”; “12345678”is an example. This will only work if your number has been added as an approved number. If you are using it without defining approved numbers, this command won’t work.


Restoring to default


To reset tracker to Factory Default settings, send SMS “FACTORY*12345678” to the tracker number. The tracker will send back information “Set factory setting OK”, then the tracker will cancel all the alarm setting in the tracker, and also delete all the authorized phone number, delete the APN and GPRS username and password,change the tracker password to 12345678, reset the IP address, reset the system working mode and the interval time, and so on.


To reset just alarms, use RESET*12345678 and the tracker will reset and delete all alarm settings.


Listening device mode


Send SMS “LISTEN*12345678*13987654321” or “LISTEN*12345678” to the tracker, “LISTEN” is
command, “12345678” is password, “13987654321” is the number that the tracker needs to call back, if no phone number the tracker will call back to the command sender. After receiving the command, the tracker will call the number in the command or call back the command sender, after the call is connected, user can hear the sound around the tracker, but the tracker cannot hear anything, hang up the call and the listen command will stop.


Not all Trackers have sound as some are weather proof so sound function does not operate correctly.


Set APN on your GPS Tracker


This tracker can download & configure APN & GPRS username and password automatically after power on, if the APN & GPRS user name password are not right, then you need to send an SMS to the tracker to change them, if the tracker cannot upload location to platform (Red LED flash twice), please confirm the auto configuration of APN & GPRS user name and password is right.


To manually add your APN, send SMS “APN*12345678*apnname”, with apnname being the name of your telco apn. To change APN un and pw, see detailed manual.


What do the lights mean


GREEN LED Flashes once : GSM & GPS are working correctly
GREEN LED Flashes twice : GSM working correctly, no GPS signal
GREEN LED Flashes three times : GSM & GPS working correctly, battery low
GREEN LED Flashes four times : GSM working correctly, battery low and no GPS signal
GREEN LED ON continuously : GSM searching for networks
GREEN LED OFF continuously : Powered off
GREEN LED Flashes fast : Incoming call or sending a SMS
RED LED Flashes once : Uploading current tracking location
RED LED Flashes twice : Unable to upload tracking information


Placement of your GPS Tracker


GPS Trackers need to access the sky to receive signals from GPS satellites. This means your tracker won’t work if it’s covered by metal (or water), your tracker will receive the signals if covered by plastic, or glass. This means when placing your tracker, ensure that it can access the sky without too much interference. If mounting your tracker on the outside of a vehicle, it won’t work correctly inside the bonnet, and if mounted under the car, needs to be on the edge of the vehicle, not too far underneath.

There are many more features our GPS Trackers can perform, this list is a simple list for the most used features. Please contact support if you need further assistance.



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