Listening Device Buyers Guide


Audio listening devices are more sophisticated than ever before, while the technology remains easy to use. They can be used in almost any room environment and come in portable, battery powered devices and mains-powered solutions. One of the standout features of these devices is that once placed, you can use them for monitoring and recording no matter where you happen to be in the world.

These devices offer:

Discreet and reliable real-time listening
Exceptional audio quality, using the very latest technology
Simple access to the target room from anywhere in the world
Voice-activated functions, including alerts and recording
Extra-long operational lifespans and standby times
Listening devices are most commonly used for collecting evidence, but they can also be used for security and general surveillance purposes. Ultimately, they provide audio access when it isn’t safe, convenient or practically possible to manually monitor a room.

How do listening devices work?

GSM listening bugs work on the same networks as mobile phones, which is what makes them so easy and convenient to use. To listen live, you can simply dial in by calling the SIM card located inside the device. As for the devices themselves, they are cleverly disguised as everyday household objects which are also fully functional.

Listening through walls

Thanks to new technology, listening and recording through walls up to 20 inches thick with crystal clear audio clarity is now possible. You can choose from affordable contact devices which convert vibrations into audio




Miniature Voice Recorders

Readily available from online stores, miniature recording devices such as  recording devices and those disguised as USB drives or other  commonly used objects they are discreet audio recording devices designed to be easily hidden or pass undetected by the unwary target. Their use is not limited by their battery life and storage, in many situations they can be just the weapon an infiltrator needs while being affordable and delivering high quality audio


Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitters

A Radio Frequency (RF) bug involves the placing of a radio transmitter in a room and listening within range using a receiver.

RF bugs can be incredibly small and can be concealed in just about anything including skirting boards, picture frames, plugs etc. Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, you need a receiver to listen to them up to 600 meters away.


Wi-Fi Listening and Recording

The Wi-Fi Listening Device / Audio Recorder is a tiny but powerful audio security device. It doesn't rely on phone networks with a SIM, it uses a wifi connection, so no monthly costs and the performance is excellent. Live audio day and night, and record live audio based on sensitivity and push notification to your mobile phone.


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