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Why You Should Consider a GPS Tracker for Your Car, Bike, or Fleet

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your car, bike, or even an entire fleet of vehicles, a GPS tracker is the perfect solution. GPS trackers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many benefits and are a great way to keep tabs on the location of your vehicle at all times. In this blog post, we will discuss why you should consider getting a GPS tracker for your car, bike, or fleet. We will explore the advantages of using GPS trackers, such as increased safety and security, better tracking accuracy, and improved convenience.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS trackers are a valuable tool for anyone looking to keep their employees, assets, and vehicles secure. With a GPS tracker, you can easily keep track of the location of your vehicles at all times. Not only is this an important safety measure for your employees and assets, but it can also help you recover a stolen vehicle quickly.

A GPS tracker can provide real-time visibility of where your vehicles are located. This gives you peace of mind that your employees and assets are safe and secure. Additionally, if one of your vehicles is stolen, you can easily locate it with the help of a GPS tracker. Furthermore, GPS trackers are great for ensuring that your vehicles stay in the correct area and don’t go out of bounds.

Overall, GPS trackers are a great way to ensure the safety and security of your employees, assets, and vehicles. The use of a GPS tracker provides you with real-time visibility into the location of your vehicles and allows you to locate them quickly if they ever become lost or stolen.

The Different Types of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide a great way to monitor and keep track of vehicles or other assets. There are a wide range of GPS trackers available, each designed for different applications and purposes. Whether you need to manage a fleet of vehicles or want to keep tabs on your bike, there is sure to be a GPS tracker that fits your needs.

Fleet Management Trackers:

Fleet management trackers are designed for tracking large fleets of vehicles or assets. These trackers provide the user with detailed information about the location and movements of their assets and are often equipped with features such as geofencing, speed alerts and engine diagnostics. These trackers are often hardwired into the vehicles, making them more secure and reliable than battery-operated trackers.

Magnetic Covert Trackers:

Magnetic covert trackers are small, discreet tracking devices that can be placed inside or underneath a vehicle. These trackers are often used for personal security purposes and come in various sizes, depending on the application. The magnetic mounting system allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the tracker without any visible signs that it was ever there.

Battery Operated Trackers:

Battery operated trackers are usually smaller than fleet management trackers and are powered by batteries. This makes them ideal for short-term use, or when the tracker needs to be hidden or moved around quickly and easily. They are also useful for tracking mobile assets such as bikes or boats, which do not have a power source that can be tapped into.

Personal GPS Trackers:

Personal GPS trackers are small devices that can be worn or carried by an individual. These trackers provide real-time location information and are usually connected to an app or web portal where users can access the data and see where their device is located. They are also useful for keeping tabs on family members, pets or valuable items that you want to monitor.

No matter what your tracking needs may be, there is sure to be a GPS tracker that can meet them. By researching the different types of GPS trackers available and determining which one is best suited to your needs, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

For example, if you need to track multiple vehicles at once, a fleet management tracker might be the best option. If you are only looking to monitor one vehicle or asset, then a OBDII tracker would likely be sufficient, although the OBDII tracker works well with fleet management. If you require extra discretion, then a magnetic covert tracker would be the right choice. On the other hand, if portability and convenience are important factors, then a battery operated tracker might be the right fit. Lastly, if you need personal tracking capabilities, then a personal GPS tracker would be perfect for your needs. With so many options available, choosing the right GPS tracker has never been easier.

How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker

If you’re looking to add GPS tracking to your car, bike or fleet, you’ll need to decide which type of tracker is right for you. There are several things you should consider when choosing a GPS tracker, including where you will mount it, whether it needs to be wired into the vehicle, how long the battery should last and whether it should be covert or overt.

First, think about where you’d like to mount the tracker. If you’re tracking a vehicle or bike, you can usually mount the tracker directly onto the frame. Personal GPS trackers that are used for tracking people or pets can be worn on clothing, clipped to a belt or bag, or even tucked into a pocket.
If your tracker will be permanently mounted on a vehicle, you’ll need to decide if it needs to be wired into the vehicle or if it should be battery operated. Hard-wired trackers offer more reliability and are generally better suited to fleet management applications. Battery operated trackers offer more flexibility but have shorter battery life.

When it comes to visibility, you have two main options: covert and overt. Magnetic covert trackers can be easily attached and detached from a vehicle and don’t draw attention, making them ideal for personal use such as tracking your car or employees. Overt trackers are typically larger in size and are visible on vehicles and other assets, which is beneficial for fleet management applications.

Choosing the right GPS tracker depends on what you need it for. Personal GPS trackers are great for tracking people or pets, while more advanced trackers with longer battery life are better suited for fleet management and tracking your car or employees. Consider where you’ll mount it, how long the battery should last, and if it needs to be wired into the vehicle or battery operated. Finally, decide if you need an overt or covert tracker depending on your intended use.

GPS Trackers

With our range of GPS Trackers and you can see what is happening any time, any where.

Our GPS trackers include free GPS tracking software for your computer so you can easily track your vehicles online. And a FREE mobile app so you can access them via your mobile device as well.

Personal GPS tracker

Ideal for for small vehicles and other assets like motorbikes and caravans. It is rechargeable for portability. You also get a free mounting kit for hard wiring into a permanent installation. With built in microphone, you can also listen in to what’s happening around it.

OBDII GPS tracker

The OBD GPS Trackers are suitable for most modern cars and trucks as they simply plug into the OBD port under the dash and away you go. They are perfect for fleets as they can be changed from vehicle to vehicle in a few minutes. These trackers really don’t require installation as they simply plug in to the OBD port.

Covert Magnetic GPS Tracker

Ideal for fast tracking applications where you just need to clip on a tracker. Like shipping containers, motorbikes, vehicles and any other metal objects.

Hard Wired GPS Trackers

If you are looking for a more permanent tracker, then these are ideal for permanent wiring into your vehicle. These units are often installed into company cars, fleets, motorbikes, boats (away from the salt and water).

All of our trackers use the same website and come with a free app, and control via text message. We have simple instruction on our support website, and they all come with a manual.


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