Security Camera Types

Security Camera Types

The Different Types of CCTV Security Cameras and What They’re Used For
Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, are a great way to keep your home or business safe and secure. CCTV security cameras come in a variety of styles and sizes, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this post, we’ll explore the different types of CCTV security cameras available, what they’re used for, and how they can help protect your home or business.

Some security camera types just refer to the case, like dome cameras and bullet cameras, and some refer to the technology like IP and TVI cameras. Some refer to specialist abilities like thermal cameras and AI cameras.

We hope that this article will help you understand the different types of security cameras available.

Bullet cameras
Bullet cameras are one of the most popular types of CCTV security cameras and are used for a wide range of applications. These cameras are typically cylindrical in shape and are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling for maximum visibility. Bullet cameras can be easily differentiated from other types of cameras due to their shape.

Bullet cameras offer a wide range of features and benefits, making them an ideal choice for many different security applications. They are able to capture high-quality footage at a wide range of angles and distances, which makes them suitable for a variety of environments. Many bullet cameras also feature infrared night vision capabilities, allowing them to record footage even in complete darkness.

Additionally, bullet cameras can be equipped with audio capabilities to further increase their surveillance capabilities.

Bullet cameras are best suited when cameras are on poles in full weather conditions, as they can handle direct weather better than other types of cameras. In addition, bullet cameras are better at aiming, giving you a more exact image of a particular area.

Generally, the bullet style is referring to the housing, and they are available in all types of technologies and features.

Dome cameras
Dome cameras are a popular choice for CCTV surveillance systems. They provide a discreet and effective way to monitor a location. Dome cameras are enclosed in a dome-like casing and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, making them perfect for areas where visibility is important. They are usually best kept out of direct weather and are often best mounted under eaves or other sheltered locations.

Dome cameras also have the advantage of being considered more attractive than other types of security cameras. Some cameras can sometimes be unsightly and intrusive when installed in public places, while dome cameras tend to blend in more with their environment.

Generally, the dome style is referring to the housing, and they are available in all types of technologies and features.

Covert cameras
Covert cameras are an essential tool for security and surveillance. These cameras are designed to be discreet and difficult to detect. They are typically used for applications where it is important to capture footage without being noticed. Covert cameras can be disguised as everyday objects such as a clock, smoke detector or potted plant.

The main benefit of covert cameras is that they can help catch potential criminals who may be unaware they’re being watched.

AI Cameras
AI (artificial intelligence) cameras are a type of CCTV security camera that are quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses and homes. AI cameras, which are usually dome cameras or bullet cameras, come equipped with an advanced set of algorithms that allow them to detect suspicious activity, such as people loitering in areas where they shouldn’t be. They can also identify objects, determine their location, and differentiate between people and animals.

AI cameras have a wide range of features and benefits that make them a great choice for any security system as they are able to detect suspicious activity and differentiate between people and animals.

You can also search for specific faces and vehicles with some AI security camera systems.

Generally AI cameras are more expensive than non AI security cameras.

PTZ cameras
PTZ cameras, or “pan-tilt-zoom” cameras, are a type of CCTV security camera used for surveillance. They have the ability to move up, down, left and right, as well as zoom in and out to get a better view of the monitored area. They are more expensive than dome cameras, bullet cameras and Analogue cameras but can offer an enhanced level of security. They are also more difficult to install than non PTZ cameras and active Deterrence cameras.

Due to their ability to move around, PTZ cameras can cover a much larger area than other types of CCTV security cameras such as dome cameras, full colour cameras and thermal cameras. However, due to their automation, they can sometimes be facing the wrong direction if not set up properly. For this reason, it is important to make sure that PTZ cameras are installed properly and configured correctly.

PTZ cameras are available in IP and TVI technologies.

IP Cameras
IP cameras are a type of CCTV security camera that uses an internet protocol (IP) for communication and to transmit video images over a network. They have become increasingly popular due to their ability to be easily integrated with other systems, such as Access Control and Video Management software. IP cameras are often used in medium-sized or large-scale security operations, as they offer more flexibility and scalability than traditional analogue cameras.

IP cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like dome cameras, bullet cameras, thermal cameras and active Deterrence cameras. As well as offering high resolution image quality, IP cameras also provide features such as motion detection, night vision and zoom functions, allowing you to monitor your premises more effectively.

IP Cameras are installed using Cat5/5e/6 network cable and are generally the most common technology. They also can support AI and many advanced features.

TVI Analogue HD Cameras
TVI Analogue HD cameras are a popular CCTV security camera option due to their affordability and versatility. These cameras use an Analogue signal, as opposed to IP or digital, which makes them compatible with many existing CCTV systems and perfect for upgrading old coax systems.

TVI Analogue HD cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes including bullet cameras, dome cameras, and covert cameras. They are capable of providing full colour video footage in 4K resolution and can be used indoors or outdoors. The cameras also feature infrared night vision for improved surveillance during darkness and can often be used in conjunction with other types of cameras such as thermal cameras or active Deterrence cameras for added security.

Overall, TVI Analogue HD cameras offer an affordable and reliable CCTV security solution for businesses and homes alike. With their ability to integrate with existing CCTV systems, superior video quality, and versatile features, these cameras are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their security system.

TVI cameras are best installed using coax cable.

Varifocal Cameras
Varifocal cameras are CCTV cameras with the ability to change their focal length, allowing them to provide a more comprehensive view of their surroundings. Unlike dome cameras and bullet cameras that have a fixed lenses, varifocal cameras are adjustable and can be used in different environments and settings, making them very versatile.

Varifocal cameras can come with motorised zoom lenses that can be adjusted remotely, allowing the user to control the level of magnification they need. This allows users to move the camera’s focus from wide-angle shots to close-ups depending on their security needs. The lens size of these cameras also ranges from 2.8mm to 12mm or higher.

Varifocal cameras are great for detecting movement and changes in their environment, making them a useful tool for home and business security systems. They are also a popular choice among customers because of their flexibility, affordability and compatibility with other types of cameras like IP cameras, Analogue cameras and full colour cameras.

Motorised Zoom Cameras
Motorised Zoom Cameras are a type of CCTV camera that can be used to survey large areas with great detail. This type of camera features a motorised zoom lens that can be adjusted to a higher or lower degree of magnification. These cameras typically come in either a dome or bullet camera housing, with the ability to zoom from a remote control or through software. They are ideal for situations where a wide angle shot is needed and an area needs to be monitored with greater detail.

Motorised Zoom Cameras are often used in conjunction with other security systems, such as IP cameras, Analogue cameras, full colour cameras, thermal cameras and active Deterrence cameras. This allows for multiple types of surveillance coverage and provides comprehensive security in any location.

Active Deterrence Cameras
Active Deterrence cameras are often said to be the ultimate choice for CCTV security systems, offering the highest levels of protection with the best range of features. This type of CCTV security camera combines a dome or bullet camera with a powerful built-in alarm system to create an effective Deterrence against intruders.

Active Deterrence cameras come in two main varieties: Analogue and IP, however, most systems using active Deterrence are IP.

These cameras also come equipped with a range of features, such as motion detection, heat sensors, and thermal cameras, making them very effective at detecting potential threats and deterring intruders.

Active Deterrence cameras typically have an audible alarm that is triggered by the motion detector or heat sensor, alerting both the user and any nearby personnel of the potential threat. Most also have two way audio so you can hear and talk through them.

Overall, active Deterrence cameras are perfect for any business looking to ensure the highest level of security and protection for their premises.

Active Deterrence cameras are generally more expensive.

Full Colour cameras
Full colour cameras are the ideal choice for when you want to capture the highest level of detail possible, both during the day and at night. Instead of using infrared (IR) LEDs like other cameras, full colour cameras use white light LEDs, meaning that when the camera is actively recording, the light is visible.

Full colour cameras are usually dome cameras or bullet cameras and are great for capturing an image with lots of colour and detail – making it easier to identify people or objects captured on camera.

Full colour cameras also have a distinct advantage over traditional Analogue or IP cameras as well as active Deterrence cameras in terms of low light performance. Thermal cameras may be better at night vision but they cannot capture any colour information in the dark. However, full colour cameras can provide great performance even in extremely low light environments, without sacrificing quality.



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