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Prevention is better than cure

We have the expertise and discretion to work with your business to prevent the leaking of confidential information damaging your business.

Our security assessments look at the risk and likelihood that your company or organization is losing data, confidential information or intellectual property to your competitors. We look at how this occurs and how to prevent it.  We identify if breaches are occurring from within the organization or externally.

When we complete out assessment we will provide you with a usable plan to minimize or remove those threats by physical prevention, technical prevention and advanced TSCM solutions.

Security assessments and how they work

We will arrange a visit with you and carry out a detailed assessment of your business. We will be looking for what threats are potentially faced, where they may come from and how to defend against them.

Based on the type of industry we are assessing we will:

 Identify the level of threat that exists
 Look at access to the building or office and ways that potential espionage could take place
 Look at existing staff and what access they have to sensitive areas
 Evaluate systems and procedures that could be taken advantage of
Carry out TSCM surveys of all areas
Evaluate mobile phone communication of sensitive or senior personnel and identify security risks
Evaluate the threat to vehicles and to homes of sensitive or senior personnel

Implementation of recommendations

At the conclusion of our assessment we will provide a comprehensive report including recommendations.

We will discuss the report with you and agree on the areas that are critical and require immediate implementation. We will work closely with all affected departments including personnel, IT, technical, management and maintenance.

Solutions may include some of the following:

General security
 Access control
Administrative changes
Covert and/or overt CCTV systems
Communication encryption
Secure phones
Anti tracking hardware
White noise audio masking
Counter surveillance TSCM sweeps
Window or glass wall protection
Threat awareness advice and training
Other counter surveillance measures


We understand that many companies and organizations will require a totally confidential assessment and report.

Our team are discreet. They arrive with unmarked vehicles, equipment and uniforms – and we prefer to operate on your premises after hours.

We recommend you don’t tell anyone we’re coming. We will suggest a cover story that explains our presence to anyone still on site.

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