Surveillance Training Courses


In the rapid technological world of electronics and data systems, knowledge and operational techniques are the key to success in your industry. If your role consists of an investigative, security, corporate, threat assessment, or Government focus, do not miss this rare opportunity.

Our specialised team of professional trainers will educate you in the latest commercial hardware, software, techniques and operational procedures currently used within high levels of surveillance and counter surveillance operations. 

If you are interested in the world of professional spying, espionage and high level protection, this is the training course for you.

Electronic Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Training Course

This course is ideal for:

- Government

- Corporate

- Security

- Investigators

- Any other interested parties


Subjects Covered:

A1 - General Introduction

A2 - General Risk & Threat Analysis


Advanced Surveillance Equipment and their Operational Use

B1 - Advanced Types - Electronic Surveillance Equipment

B2 - Listening Devices

B3 - Video Transmitters

B4 - DTFM and Voice Data Interception

B5 - GSM Devices


GPRS/GPS Covert Vehicle Tracking

C1 - GPS Loggers and Software

C2 - GPS Real-time Tracking System


Counter Surveillance Equipment and their Operational Use

D1 - Debugging Equipment

D2 - Protection Measures


Computer Forensic and Data Interception

E1 - Covert Data Monitoring

E2 - Covert Data Retrieval


Phone Forensic and Data Interception

E1 - Covert Data Monitoring

E2 - Covert Data Retrieval


Course Details:

The number of applicants applying for this advanced course will determine the size and location of where the training will take place.

The course is a total of 24 hours. It will run for three nights a week for a period of four hours per evening across two consecutive weeks.

Total cost is $ + GST Inclusive…(Group discounts are available so please enquire).

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