How to Become a Loss Prevention Specialist


Theft and retail loss is the most prevalent form of shrinkage experienced by retailers on average globally according to a 2017 article released from the Australian Retailers Association.  It costs Australian retailers and business billions each year, and for most retailers the numbers are on the rise averaging between 1-3% of gross profit.

To combat shrink, retailers should adopt strategies to approach losses from a wider perspective across all levels within the organisation whilst also working with their suppliers and solutions partners.

With the right retail security technologies, people and processes you can improve merchandise availability which in turn will directly impact shopper satisfaction and increase profitability, whilst also reducing the incidence of overall retail shrinkage from the management of shoplifting, employee theft and employee error.

AIPS security services have the experience and knowledge to work across all levels of Loss Prevention including the installation and advice of technology for electronic tagging and CCTV, manpower services of both uniformed (overt) and covert loss prevention officers and internal training programs to educate management and staff on the instance of employee error and its contribution to overall stock shrinkage.

Our existing loss prevention work with some of Australia’s largest retailers sees our experienced staff utilise a database of known offenders and the legal knowledge to deter these regular offenders from entering your premises.  We will deter would be criminals, apprehend offenders and recover stock across your retail premises.

We aim to promote a safe, welcoming and secure environment with our loss prevention officers whilst protecting your stock, your staff and your bottom line profitability contact us.

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