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Whether you are a retailer, a business owner, in the corporate domain, or looking to secure your own home and assets, SpyPro Security Solutions offers the right solution to provide your home and business the most flexible, cost-effective, appropriate protection to suit your needs and budget.

Our success in helping domestic and retail business stems from our knowledge, experience and ability to assist our customers with our broad range of products and services. Our goal is to eliminate the stress in both your purchase process and your daily security needs, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind.

Our Experts

SpyPro Security Solutions has proudly supplied, installed and maintained systems to a number of companies in Australia. Not only are our solutions cost-effective, they are installed and maintained by our dedicated team of professionals who can provide complete business solutions at a premium standard.

Our experienced team can supply, install and maintain your security cameras and  CCTV security systems for you and ensure that they are operating properly and to your satisfaction.

Contact SpyPro Security Solutions today regarding CCTV Systems and find out how we can assist with your surveillance and security needs.

SpyPro Security Solutions is a leading CCTV company that focuses in all three segments and prides itself on exceptional service delivery:

Home Security

SpyPro Security Solutions can design a personalised home security plan to protect your family and your home.

We offer a complete home security audit and threat assessment to determine your level of potential risk.

We achieve crime prevention through environmental design principles to help deter crime in your home.

Our devised plan will assist in preventing physical break-ins, property damage and theft, and personal attacks. It is also designed to allow you to view your home remotely on your smart device from anywhere in the world.

Our consultants can visit your home at no cost to conduct a security assessment and recommend the best home security solution customised to your needs. Call us today!

What are the benefits of investing in a security system for your Home?

  • Protect your valuables and assets
  • Discourage burglary attempts
  • Lower your insurance premium
  • Make room for peace of mind
  • Constantly monitor your home remotely for 24/7
  • Check in on your family and pets or babysitters while you’re away
  • Present evidence should a break in occur
  • Monitor suspicious scenarios and activities
  • Help identify criminals
  • Protect your car from theft

SpyPro Security Solutions’ consultants, whilst being fully qualified, also have many years of experience across a wide variety of industry types.  This ensures that all risk assessments conducted are practical, accurate and provide the client with the understanding of how to best protect their organisation.  Call us now to find out how we can assist you.


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