SpyPro Security Solutions' consultancy team provides our clients with expert knowledge, advice and guidance in all aspects of security.

SpyPro Security understands that the world we live in requires us to maximise our security measures, but we also realise those systems need to be used on a daily basis without greatly impacting on the end-user.

With this in mind, we approach the analysis of the client's security needs and requirements from numerous angles to determine creative solutions:

  • Current security measures
  • Current and predicted manpower
  • Available technology
  • Procedures
  • Local environment
  • Site requirements
  • Government regulations
  • Corporate requirements


This information is compiled and analysed to determine the client's vulnerabilities and tailor the most effective strategy for them.

SpyPro Security prides itself on being able to offer cost effective security solutions without compromising the level of security to all environments.

Security Risk Management

We help our clients identify and manage all aspects of security related risk, so that the client can gain the maximum benefit from their security measures, while avoiding investing unnecessary capital in equipment, services and technology that may not enhance their overall security.

Risk Analysis: Assessing current risk levels faced by a client and what individual loss events may occur. 

SpyPro Security achieves this by working closely with clients to gain an in depth understanding of their business.

Security Audit: A security audit identifies weaknesses within a security infrastructure. 

It can be as simple as an examination of a procedure or as complex as an organisation wide review of security management practices, policies, procedures, system design and performance.


Security Design

We design security solutions and strategies for projects ranging from the simple to the complex.

There are five main phases involved in the design process:

  • Undertake a User Needs Analysis to enable identification of the client's specific security requirements.
  • Perform a Risk Analysis to identify any influences that may impact upon the client's security.
  • Design a practical and cost effective security solution that will meet the client's needs.
  • Document and deliver a Scope of Works suitable for a Tender process
  • Document and deliver a set of Procedures to ensure that the system is correctly operated and meet the expectations of the client.

Project Management

Depending on the client requirements, we provide Security Project Management and Coordination. 

We work with the Project team to ensure that any security design issues are dealt with in a timely manner so as to reduce any possible delays to the overall project timeline. 

We also undertake System Commissioning to ensure that the correct equipment has been installed and that the configuration and operation meets the intent of the Security Scope of Works. 

Often this is overlooked and therefore the efficiency of the security system can be compromised.

Training of operators in the application of the procedures is an important part of the overall Project Management. 

We undertake the training of the operators and ensure that they are familiar with all aspects of the procedures to maximum efficiency.

Security Management

In many cases the effectiveness of a security infrastructure is weakened by poor ongoing management.

We provide an ongoing Security Management Program where the client?s security infrastructure is regularly audited to ensure that the systems, manpower and procedures meet agreed Key Performance Indicators. 

This is achieved by regular Risk Analysis, Security Audits and User Needs Analysis to ensure that the infrastructure is maintained at an optimum performance level.

Crisis Management

A crisis is a major, unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organisation and its stakeholders.  

Although crises are unpredictable, they are not unexpected. 

We work closely with the client to prepare security related policies and procedures to minimise the impact and consequences to business operations.

Business Continuity

Security is often overlooked in business continuity planning. 

We engage with the client to ensure that security is not compromised and, where necessary, escalated to an appropriate level. 

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