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Whether you are a retailer, a business owner, in the corporate domain, or looking to secure your own home and assets, SpyPro Security Solutions offers the right solution to provide your home and business the most flexible, cost-effective, appropriate protection to suit your needs and budget.

Our success in helping domestic and retail businesses stems from our knowledge, experience and ability to assist our customers with our broad range of products and services. Our goal is to eliminate the stress in both your purchase process and your daily security needs, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind.

Our Experts

SpyPro Security Solutions has proudly supplied, installed and maintained systems to a number of companies in Australia. Not only are our solutions cost-effective, they are installed and maintained by our dedicated team of professionals who can provide complete business solutions at a premium standard.

Our experienced team can supply, install and maintain your security cameras and  CCTV security systems for you and ensure that they are operating properly and to your satisfaction.

Contact SpyPro Security Solutions today regarding CCTV Systems and find out how we can assist with your surveillance and security needs.

SpyPro Security Solutions is a leading CCTV company that focuses in all three segments and prides itself on exceptional service delivery:

Commercial Security            

SpyPro Security Solutions is able to design and carry out industry specific risk reviews and assessments in relation to security needs. We address all governing aspects that may adversely affect the organisation’s resources, property or operations.

Through the identification, analysis and evaluation of hazards and threats, we can then select the most advantageous method of treating each hazard or threat. Comprehensive surveys and audits, as well as interviews with key management, must first be completed before any strategies or countermeasures are put in place.

The survey not only examines all information that is relevant, but through the process of identification, we are able to identify and target problem areas early and devote attention to them. The concept of risk analysis is to identify all problem areas and implement treatment controls to counter, reduce or mitigate risk.

All assessments are carried out in complete compliance with Australian Standards ISO 31000 Risk Management and are specifically tailored to each industry type and client operation.

What are the benefits of investing in a security system for your commercial property?

  • Ensure employee safety
  • Prevent unauthorized entry
  • Protect your reputation of your business
  • Eliminate employee theft
  • Improve work flow monitoring
  • Provide a safer work environment
  • Reduced litigation exposure
  • Protect your company data and assets
  • Eliminate unauthorised entry from intruders
  • Prevent vandalism
What we Offer:

 Commercial Installations – Any Size

 Smart Security Installations – Analytics, Face & Vehicle

 Home Security Installations – Cameras, Alarms, Intercoms

 Easy Mobile App – Watch from anywhere via your mobile

 Fast Installation – Normally within a fortnight

 All the Big Brands – Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua, VIP, Paradox

 3 Year Product Warranty – So you don’t have to worry

 Fair Price Guarantee – You will never pay more with SpyPro

 Established 2000 – We will be here if you need us

Increase safety and productivity, and reduce theft

SpyPro Security Solutions’ consultants, whilst being fully qualified, also have many years of experience across a wide variety of industry types.  This ensures that all risk assessments conducted are practical, accurate and provide the client with the understanding of how to best protect their organisation.  Call us now to find out how we can assist you.


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