CCTV Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs for Home & Business

All too often, large investments are made in securing a premises or site with no further thought given to the longevity of the system or systems in place.

At SpyPro Security, our experience tells us that a well-maintained system will not only ensure your security is operating at its full potential at all times but also that your investment is not wasted due to early deterioration because of a lack of maintenance.

Often what seems to be a cost saving early in the life of the system turns into a costly exercise of trying to support poorly maintained equipment. Maintaining the system through ‘whole of life’ ensures the system works effectively when called upon.

An appropriate Service and Maintenance Plan can also assist you and your business in other ways:

Minimise the running costs over the life of your system

Minimise the risk that your Insurance Coverage might be compromised

Minimise the cost of false alarms

Minimise your operating costs

Minimise the risk that your Quality Accreditation might be compromised

Minimise the risk to your Business Continuity and Risk Management Strategy Preventative Maintenance a Preventative Maintenance Plan makes sure that your security system works like a well-oiled engine.

Just like your car, this plan provides an annual inspection to help your intruder detection system, access control or CCTV Surveillance solution to function at its optimum level at all times.

Contact SpyPro Security for a quote to maintain your security system on 0477SPYPRO776.

SpyPro Security customises maintenance packages, which will ensure your system is operating to its full potential at all times, prevent early deterioration of the system, and therefore extend the life of your investment and provide you with true peace of mind.

We look upon our maintenance contract as a partnership between SpyPro and the client.

For example developing our knowledge of your site and your needs, working with you through the process, looking for smarter ways to address problems, streamlining current systems and advising on new technologies that may add value or deliver a better solution for your site.

Additionally, regular attendance to maintain the site will enable service staff to advise on changing internal layouts, which will inevitably occur over the life of the system.

Changes in the use of the building often result in a re-design requirement to maximize coverage by the existing equipment.

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