Professional Bug and Camera Detection Services

If you think your privacy has been compromised or you have an eerie feeling that you are being watched, followed or listened to, or you are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in your own home or business, trust SpyPro Security Solutions to protect your confidentiality with our bug sweeping and counter surveillance services. Our debugging services will provide peace of mind both day and night, with state-of-the-art equipment used by our highly trained and licensed Private Investigators and Security Risk Advisers, helping you feel safe again.

If you sense your privacy is being breached, don’t wait any longer to take action and reclaim your right to discretion.

Don’t live in fear that your every move is being watched. Contact us today to learn more about our bug sweeping and counter surveillance services.

Am I being Bugged?

Indicators which may suggest an individual or organisation may have been compromised and bugged include:

  • Other parties are aware of confidential information
  • Confidential information regarding business meetings has become public or known to the competition
  • You repeatedly notice unknown vehicles within the vicinity of your premise and elsewhere
  • People know of your activities when there is no reason for them to know
  • Debris from overhead ceiling tiles is visible on floors, desks and tables
  • Damage to ceiling tiles and or are out of place
  • A recent break in has occurred however nothing was stolen
  • Noise heard from phones and baby monitors that are not in use
  • High-pitched sounds and tones heard when the land line phone is picked up
  • Interference exhibited on televisions and or radios
  • Light switch wall plates and electrical sockets have been tampered with
  • People seem to know your daily movements
  • Tradesmen show up without you having booked them
  • Strange objects and/or gifts appear without your knowledge
  • Your furniture may have been moved and not left the same way they were prior


What to do if I think I’m Bugged?

If you suspect you are under surveillance, it is crucial to act promptly to safeguard your information and limit any damage:

  • Cease all sensitive communication and remove yourself from the area you suspect is being targeted
  • Do not discuss your suspicions with anyone who is associated with the workplace or home
  • Do not use your mobile phone or land line phones within the area at risk  call SpyPro  from a payphone or clean phone away from the immediate area or another computer if emailing us
  • Under any circumstances- don’t talk to anyone, you may alert the source
  • Write down any valuable information they might have obtained

Different types of Bugs to look out for

  • Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.
  • GSM, 3G & 4G cellular eavesdropping devices
  • Wireless bugs
  • Wire & mic taps and telephone taps
  • Carrier current bugs
  • Micro wireless video devices
  • Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices
  • GPS trackers on vehicles
  • Mobile phone spyware/malware
  • Do not delay! Contact us today

NOTE: If you feel your house, office, car or mobile phone has been bugged, we suggest you call SpyPro Security, the  Bug Sweeping specialists, outside of the compromised area via a pay phone on 0477 SPYPRO (779 776)  or use a new email address on a different computer and email us at

SpyPro Security Solutions respects your privacy and everything discussed will be private and strictly confidential.

Remember not to talk in the area you suspect of being bugged.

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