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CCTV Security Systems

It has never been more important to have the latest home and business security system for your house or business. With the current crime rates at a high, keep your family, property and assets safe and secure. Don’t wait for an intrusion to occur to implement the best security system for your premises. You deserve the best protection, and we can provide you and your loved ones with exactly that.

Our complete CCTV (DIY) kits & security camera system solution

Our high definition CCTV camera systems provide you with the highest quality vision for when you need it most. SpyPro specialses in only 1080p full HD resolution security systems. Below is a comparison of the quality of various resolutions available in  the marketplace. Contact us to help you with the right tailored CCTV camera system or DIY Kit for your home or business needs.

If you use a CCTV system for home or business monitoring, adding our hidden CCTV or mini CCTV cameras to your CCTV system is the perfect way to cover blind spots. While CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent, once employees, babysitters, or criminals learn their placement, it's easy for them to figure out ways to exploit the setup. By using cameras concealed in everyday household objects, you give someone attempting to do something illegal a false sense of security, allowing you to catch them in the act.