SpyPro Security Services

As one of Australia’s leading security providers, SpyPro Security Solutions is a professional corporate risk management and security management service company.

SpyPro provides a unique, independent and comprehensive public safety consulting service to clients within both the domestic and commercial sectors.

SpyPro provides advice on areas of risk management. 

Our consultants have extensive experience servicing both corporate and government Australia. 

They are fully licensed and qualified in a range of relevant disciplines and are well equipped to assist your organisation manage its risk management concerns.

SpyPro consultants believe in a comprehensive approach to protecting people and property.

Whatever the source of risk, be it internal, social or criminal, SpyPro has the knowledge and experienced personnel to provide you with peace of mind.

Commercial Business Security Systems

Security Camera Security Systems

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable partner to handle your commercial or industrial CCTV installation requirements, see why you should choose SpyPro Security Systems for your commercial  CCTV system installation.

We not only specialise in next generation systems with options like intelligent analytics, face detection, number plate detection and recognition and smart search, but we also cater for the bread and butter good value commercial CCTV systems most businesses want.

Before you choose your CCTV installation partner, talk to us, and see the difference it makes when you partner with a company like TechSafe Security Systems that has your best outcome in mind throughout the entire process

Security Alarm Systems

No matter what you build, or sell, no matter how big or how small your commercial premises, we can tailor make an alarm system, for you.

We not only specialise in helping small businesses out, we also specialise in advanced systems like perimeter detection systems where we set up a laser boundary so you know that people are trying to access your building before they are even close to it. We can build any size alarm, and have it monitored by security guard, or yourself, or both.

Combine these advanced commercial alarm technologies with our access control and CCTV and you change the game and put the crims where they belong, outside or in the local court house.

Intercom Systems

Need Intercoms, at SpyPro  Security Solutions we can set up your intercoms with one station or 1000, to us it doesn't matter, and we give you the choice of equipment based on your budget.

If you have an apartment block, a large building or ever a high-rise, TechSafe Security Systems is the company to talk to.

We can also combine intercoms and access control giving you an intelligent system that keeps your people safe.

Access Control

If you need access control, you need it to work first time every time, to let the right people through easily and stop the rest. Access control is not just about locks and keypads, it should keep records of who went where, who tried and who passed.

Access control should be able to combine keypads, RFID, and biometrics, it should be easy to use and almost invisible.

Data & Network Installations

Need data installation relocating or upgrading your warehouse, factory, or offices and need new data cabling, why not ask us about how cost effective running additional cables whilst we upgrade your security system is.

All SpyPro Security Solution technicians are licensed professional cables and we can easily add some coax, Cat5, Cat5e, or cat6 with your RJ45 wall plates while we are already pulling cables.

Even if that is all you need, give us a call for a free no obligation quote for all your cabling needs.

Security Consultancy Service

Need help with your system design you can get us to design and spec your new commercial security system without any obligation to use us and then put it out to tender or get other quotes.

We will cover any areas you need and combine CCTV cameras, alarms, access control, and intercom systems, we can even add in any other technology like access control, alarms and intercom systems.

If you want a professionally designed electronic security system, but have the choice to farm components out or even use your in-house team to install it, talk to us today.

Home Security Systems

Home Domestic Security Camera Systems

Domestic Home Security CCTV Cameras are important

Home security is vital in this day and age and domestic home security CCTV cameras give you the advantage of knowing exactly what is happening outside without opening the door.

At SpyPro we offer the best value state of the art Security Camera (CCTV) Systems that not only protect your property, but give you the peace of mind by being able to check your phone at any time and know exactly what is happening outside your home, whether you are inside or on the other side of the world, as long as you have internet, you will have access to your camera system.

Security Camera Brands

When choosing a CCTV security camera system for you home, it is important that you pick a great brand like VIP, Watchguard, HikVision, Dahua and the likes. There are many brands out there and one thing is for sure, they are not all equal and the old term you get what you pay for definitely applies with electronics, from your TV, your Laptop to your security system.

At Spypro our team has been installing security systems for literally decades and there is one thing we hate, and that is going back to fix something, this is why we only use quality genuine brands and stay away from cheap counterfeits that look like the real deal, but are lucky to last the warranty period.

Our favourite brands include ,HikVision, Dahua, SpyPro, UniView, Bosch, and we have access to any other quality brand you will ever need

Remote Viewing your security cameras

When you need to access your security camera with you mobile or PC, you want an easy reliable system that works, and that is exactly what we want too. This is why when you use SpyPro Security, you get a reliable system that won’t let you down when you need it, and that goes for when you are on the other side of town, down the street or the other side of the world and pick up your phone to view your home.

All SpyPro Security Systems come with remote view, and all our systems work with iOS, Android and even can be viewed on your PC. We do not charge for the software and we know how to set it up so it works when you need it to.

So when you need a security camera system with reliable remote view, contact SpyPro Security Systems now.

Quality Installation Workmanship

You have worked hard for your home and the last thing you need is to check the installation of your security system and the installers have done a poor job, or even worse damaged your home. All SpyPro Installers are fully qualified and licensed and hold current insurance, but more importantly, they care about your home and will do their very best to leave it as good or better than when they arrived.

When SpyPro installs your security system, you can trust us to take pride in our workmanship like you take pride in your home.

Advantages Using SpyPro

  • Best value and pricing
  • Interest free payments
  • Huge 2-4 year warranty depending on system
  • 30 years experience
  • Fully licensed system designers and installers
  • Fully Insured so you are protected
  • Second to none back up service
  • Good old fashioned customer service
Home Security Alarm System

In this day and age with crime everywhere you look it is important to feel safe when you are home and to know your property is secure when you are out, which is why we recommend this solution to all our clients.

At SpyPro Security Systems we know that neither a CCTV system nor an alarm system is enough to protect you, your assets and your loved ones, however when you combine an alarm system with security cameras you have a powerful security system that alerts you, alerts your neighbours, and then allows you to log into your camera system and see what is happening in real time.

We recommend you should get at minimum a basic alarm installed at the same time as your cameras to ensure your home is protected and you and your family feel safe.

You would be surprised how affordable a basic alarm is when installing at the same time as your security cameras.

At  Security Systems we offer four styles of alarm systems, including top of the line quality Bosch wired alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, 4G wireless alarm systems including WIFI wireless alarm systems

Home Intercom Door Bell Systems

Looking for an installed quality intercom for your home, we install VIP, AiPhone, Dahua and HikVision quality intercoms with simple one station units all the way up to high rise apartments with hundreds of stations.

You don't have to put up with intercoms that don't every or hardly ever work, or intercoms that rely on your phone being on, at TechSafe Security Systems we install quality intercoms that work when they are supposed to.

Why not make the move to a quality system.

Home Security Consulting

Want a great security system designed by us but you buy and install it DIY saving your money

There are many aspects of setting up a security system that you may not be aware of, like the formula to make it evidence grade, the directions and elevations of cameras and how seasons can effect them, or even the stuff that is more obvious like ensuring you have the right setup to get a face shot. There are also lots of differences with the technology and ensuring you get what you need without paying extra.

SpyPro can come to your home and tell you about every detail you need to know and provide you with all the recommendations and things to watch out for, so you will save heaps and still end up with a quality security system you can depend on.

We will tell you about options you don't know exist and steer you in the right direction with no obligation at all to use us.

 Why use our Consultation service

  • We give you the ultimate blend of expertise and DIY savings for electronic security systems
  • We will go through a 50 point security checklist and leave the results with you that cover other areas of your premises
  • We provide you will recommended products you can source yourself or specs so you can use any brand
  • We give you clear easy to follow details about what to install, where and why
  • We will refund the consultation fee if you go with us later
  • We can even offer you discount brochures for some suppliers

Why use us, well why not use experts with decades of experience to design your security system, after all, your safety may depend on it?

Home Installation Service

Already have a DIY kit you purchased online, or a security system you got from somewhere else, and realise it's too hard to install?

Fear not, we are here to help, contact SpyPro Security Solutions now and see if we can help. Please note some systems purchased online, even well known brands are dead in the box, and some are just not worth installing, so there are circumstances we may refuse due to a known brand that we know has issues or the system falls below our quality standards.

However in most cases, we can come over and install it for you

Home Data & Network Installations

Need some extra Netwirk or TV 

Isn't it always the case when you get a new TV or smart appliance and you have to use inferior WIFI rather than plug it into your network because you don't have a network socket, or you want to move a TV but the antenna wall socket is just in the wrong spot?

Ask us about running some extra cable while we are doing your security system and upgrade your home communications whilst we are there for a fraction of the price of calling out separate technicians.


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