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Proffessional Bug Sweeping and Detection Services

What is your information worth to you or your competition?

What is your peace of mind worth?

SpyPro offers professional bug sweeping and bug detection services to organisations, government departments and individuals in Australia.

Bug sweeping, often referred to as Techiniqual Surveillance Counter Measures  (TSCM) or debugging, is a physical and technical countermeasures survey used to locate illicit electronic surveillance, bugging and eavesdropping devices.

Do I need bug sweeping?

Eavesdropping and bugging devices are readily available on the internet and can be quickly deployed to gather intelligence about you or your business or your private life.

In today'shighly competitive market, competitors, criminals even disgruntled employees will go to any length to retrieve information about your organisation. Many forward thinking companies are now taking proactive measures to prevent their valuable intellectual property slipping into the hands of competitors and are having their premises swept for bugs on a regular basis.